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Methods to Treat Feet Fungal Infection

Methods to Treat Feet Fungal Infection

Fungal infection is common and known disease which is caused by the moist feet.The main cause of fungal infection is the sweaty and moist feet .Main symptoms of fungal infection is the change in toenail color,smelly sweat and nails become hard.There are several methods to treat this fungal infection.


1.By Antiseptic mouth wash and vinegar:

One of the effective method to treat fungal infection is to take 3 cups antiseptic mouthwash in large pot or tub and mix same amount of apple cedar vinegar in it.After mixing both,dip your feet in it for 30 minutes and after that thoroughly dry feet by towel or any cloth.Then take thyme oil,olive oil and tree oil mix together and store in a bottle,then by dropper apply oils mixtures to toenails and allow this mixture to absorb in nails.After absorbing,gently rub nails by some kind of brush until the fungus get remove.

2.By Baking soda and vinegar:

Baking soda is effective for fungal infection as well as feet odor.                                                                                                   Take water in a tub or basin and add 1 cup of vinegar in it,vinegar whether white or apple cedar.Soak feet in it for 15 minutes then gently rub and dry feet.Then take 3,4 teaspoons of baking soda and add in mixture,then again soak feet in for 15 minutes then dry feet gently by towel.Repeat this method twice in a day to get rid of infection.

3.By coconut oil:

coconut oil is also effective remedy to get rid of fungal infection.Simply take coconut oil and run gently over toenails And dry it naturally.Repeat process 2,3 times daily.

4.By Oil of oregano and olive oil:

Take few drops of  oregano oil and 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive oil.Apply this mixture over the nails to treat fungal infection.After 30 minutes wash feet by warm water and dry it.Repeat this process daily 4 to 5 times to avoid toenail fungal infection.

5.By Fresh Lemon Juice:

Take some fresh lemon juice and apply it on the toe nails and leave for 30 minutes.After 30 minutes wash feet with warm water.Instead take some olive oil and  add lemon juice in it and apply this over the nails and leave for some time or over night for better results.

6. Lavender oil:

Mix lavender oil and tea tree oil gently and apply on toenails and surrounding area.Leave for 30 minutes and then wash with Luke warm water.For better results repeat this process several times in a day.

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