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Making Teeth Whitening So Simple to Understand

When we are talking about something very new we sometimes can overcomplicate things when in reality they can be very simple and this is true with teeth whitening.


One of the reasons people look at getting their teeth whitening is they become very conscious of the teeth’s colour and then look to take action on making them white again and this is where the fun starts. It is amazing that we look at our teeth everyday but rarely reflect on the changing staining process which will make the teeth look yellow in appearance or in some cases even a brownish colour.


This staining process is caused by things we eat and drink over quite a long period of time and what happen is the enamel soaks up the colours in these food and drinks and holds the staining in the pores. This is the same for smokers as the nicotine will be drawn into the enamel and then changes the colour. This process should take months and years as the natural cleansing of the teeth is automatically performed and will fight the buildup of staining but eventually the colouration is held in the teeth and the appearance then changes colour. Regular brushing of the teeth does help but what we are talking about here is the deep staining which brushing the teeth is not going to touch.


Now with teeth whitening what happens in the enamel is soaked with a gel which opens the micro-pores and releases the staining. The gels normally either hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide or carbamide peroxide will gently heat the enamel and simulate the natural process of the pores opening which then the gel extracts the staining to reveal a nicer whiter set of teeth.


For heavy deep staining it is worth looking at a course of whitening treatments as one session might be enough to tackle years of stains. The bleaching trays even though they are not the most convenient and relaxing way of whitening the teeth are an excellent system and could be combined with the laser whitening treatment to give you the very best solution.


Laser whitening is a good system because it will take only an hour or so and need you to do nothing other than sitting on the couch with the cheek retractors waiting to see the finished results. After the laser any deep stains that are not quite removed could be tackled with the bleaching trays as these will soak the enamel for around two hours and eventually will show a whiter set of teeth.


The other benefit with the trays particularly for smokers is the ongoing usage to manage the re-staining that will occur in the future and using for once per month will keep the teeth really white looking.


Another benefit of whitening is the increased confidence from a new smile and this should not be overlooked as having yellow teeth does not motivate people to smile proudly but whatever you select ensure regular dental healthcare is kept up to date.

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