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Looking for Flex Belt Reviews? Does It Get Results or is it a Scam?

I Wanted To See If This Ab Toner Was A Scam – Here’s What I Found

They say there’s a secret trick to obtaining better abs while doing your laundry.

Ordinarily, getting rippling abs and a toned tummy takes a lot of time and energy. Not only do you need to watch your diet, you need to do endless exercises also. Even if everything is just right, you still fight getting your abs to be observable.

We are living in a fast paced society and fitting that an hour into the gym each day is not always an option. The stomach area is one of the hardest spots on the human body to shed fat, and it’s even tougher to tone and define these muscles so you can show off them.

I mean, nobody puts that much work into their stomach muscles for them to not be viewed, right?!

Now there’s a way to working on your abs as you’re doing chores. However, does the Flex Belt function? Does this actually work? I bet you want to understand. Well I’m going to tell you what occurred to me – you’ll never believe it!

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Let me tell you all about my own experience with the Flex Belt and also how it changed the way I work out.

Does The Flex Belt Really Work?

When I first began working out, I had about 20 extra pounds on my frame. Toned and defined abs have been a far away concern as I had so much in my belly to lose first!

This time, I decided to choose a lifestyle change and began eating healthy. Believe — whole grains, correct portion sizes, and additional lean protein.

I started working out with light weights and cardio to get a few resistance. As the pounds melted off (and stayed off!) , I began gaining lean muscle all over my body.

As time passes, I could feel my belly more and more. But as soon as anything hit my lips, then my abs went under and there was no chance anyone else could place them.

It was frustrating that I could only see my belly muscles once a day. I knew they had been there, and that I wanted to show them off!

At one point, I was doing hundreds of crunches, side bends, and sit ups each day, trying to receive my abs to create an appearance. They stubbornly resisted and remained in hiding. After working my bum off daily for weeks on end, I knew I had another solution.

I started exploring the web for suggestions on how best to receive my stomach muscles to reveal. These comprised extreme exercises (assess), strict diets (assess), and with even more weights (check). I felt just like I had been attempting EVERYTHING, but nothing was really working!

I was skeptical in the beginning. I was working so hard in all of the “right” ways. How can something that took no attempt potentially work better than all those exercises?

I couldn’t believe the results! In just 4 short weeks of wearing it, my abs are now more toned, firm, and most importantly – observable! You wouldn’t believe how excited I was the first time someone commented on my abs.

I truly got some great feedback when I was in the beach with my girlfriend – As we undressed, she looked over at me and asked, “What is your secret with those abs?”

I told her my story about the Flex Belt and she could hardly believe it. She tried it out for a couple weeks and now we are both hooked!

Let me tell you all the things I loved and the things I did not like about the Flex Belt.

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Here’s What I Loved About The Flex Belt

When you can get sculpted belly muscles without doing some additional work, there is a lot to love.

You are able to do anything whilst wearing it – I wore mine and lasted on my everyday tasks like that I normally would. I cleaned, cleaned dishes, folded laundry, and played with the kids. This ab beltdoesn’t get in the way of any of it.

But it may look slightly bulky under your shirt. If you throw on a coat, you can wear it outside in public as you are running errands or working and nobody will be any wiser!

It’s safe to use for everyone – The belt is secure for both women and men at any age that are seeking to acquire stronger abdominal muscles. When my teenage niece wants to know my secret, I will not need to hesitate letting her know about it because it’ll be safe for her to work with also!

It does not take a very long time – You only have to use it for 30 minutes every day. Throw it on throughout your morning routine or whenever you get home. Occasionally I used it in bed before I went to sleep or when I had been watching TV. It helps me get toned abs using even less time than watching one of my favourite shows!

It’s easy to use – Employ the belt for a few minutes daily. There are no other requirements, which makes it the simplest way to find a toned stomach ever.

Other individuals have used the Flex Belt with good success also, including actors and fitness professionals. Among the most notable endorsers is Denise Richards. You know her out of movies such as Starship Troopers, Wild Things, and The World is Not Enough. She would not be a spokesperson for Flex Belt in case it did not work for her too!

Even models have found the magic of the Flex Belt. She asserts that lean look with a bit of help. Wearing the belt helps maintain her belly toned without even having to think about it.

With so many people on board with the great features, let’s not forget great things come with a few drawbacks. Let us take a peek at what those are.

The Flex Belt is the solution I desperately needed in my entire life.

But all of the fantastic advantages of this device come with a price tag. The gel pads have to be replaced fairly often. If you treat them right, they will continue for 30 sessions (approximately a month) before you need new ones. If you don’t keep your belt correctly, they may only last 20 sessions.

If you are prepared to shell out the money, you’ll see major results.

Do not forget to include some exercise either! The buckle gets you stronger abs which are more visible, but you still must put in a few work and watch your diet.

Are you ready to get your own so that you may finally satisfy your abs?

Here is the low-down on where you’re able to get the Flex Belt for the very best price.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Flex Belt BEFORE You Buy It

The Flex Belt is user friendly, light weight, and just requires you wear it for 30 quick minutes per day. If you’re still feeling cynical, let their guarantee do the talking!

Using the buckle for 1 week can show little improvements into the tone of your belly muscles, but it takes 8 weeks for it to give bigger results. Flex belt is really confident in their product, they provide you with a full 60-day money back guarantee.

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That means you get to utilize it for the complete quantity of time – hazard free. If you are not happy, return the product and get your money back.

It is a no brainer! Plus it was a dream come true for me.

What do you have to lose?

When you order, these are all of the things you may get:

Make certain that you find the belt at the company’s official website so you aren’t receiving some sort of knock-off or losing out on their warranty.

There is nothing worse than getting up your hopes since you do not have the real product. Plus you won’t get the money-back guarantee should you purchase it from some other place online – make sure to purchase Flex Belt ONLY from the manufacturer.

At this time, they’re also having a limited time purchase on their belts.

  • Buy one belt at $199
  • Get Another belt as a back-up or with a friend for $50 off

You and a friend or spouse could get spectacular abs jointly which are observable. Sounds like a great time! If you do not have a great deal of spare time to hit the gym and do constant workouts, allow the belt give you a hand. I wish I had discovered it earlier so I hadn’t wasted a lot of time using approaches which didn’t get the job done.

It’s simple to use, effortless, and makes it possible to get rock hard abs you will be proud to exhibit.

Some testimonials from Real Users

  Still have some last questions? Let us take a closer look at the technology of this belt.

As I said, the Flex Belt does not demand any extra work but makes your stomach muscles toned and company – producing them more pronounced.

I tried everything before I discovered the Flex Belt and nothing worked like it did. Not diet, not exercising, nothing.

EMS is the same technology employed in rehabilitation for patients who have mobility issues.

Medical uses for EMS include:


The identical technology that helps people in rehabilitation can help tone your stomach muscles and get them more powerful so others can see them.

Using the belt is really a cinch. Within the belt, there are 3 specially designed gel pads which use a special coating, which sticks to your skin. The gel pads provide electric currents into your gut’s nerve muscles, causing them to contract and then relax. The stimulation mimics what your muscles would do through crunches or sit ups without needing to do them.

It doesn’t mean just the muscles that are touching the gel pad are becoming worked either. The pulses target the surrounding muscles, including lower, upper, and side abdominal muscles.

In a nutshell, your muscles have worked without you ever having to do anything. Only wear the belt for 30 minutes each day for 4 weeks and see the difference. I started noticing a change in my muscles after two months!

It can feel strange at first, but does not result in any pain. After a brief while, you’ll get used to the mild pulsing of your own muscles and may continue with whatever you’re doing. Wearing the belt won’t cut in that time.

Additionally, there are adjustable settings. If you are a beginner, place the belt in a lower intensity. For those who frequent the gym, using the belt in higher frequencies will suit you best.

Now, you might be wondering whether the Flex Belt is safe to use. After all, it is sending electrical currents into your body.

Unlike the ocean of other abdominal products available on the current market, the Flex Belt is the sole EMS apparatusaccessible that is cleared by the FDA.

100% of those participants reported their abs felt more toned and firm while 92.3 percent felt that an increase in their general stomach muscles.

That is a remarkable percentage and that I would have to agree. It definitely works.

If you are all set to join the people who understand about this stomach secret, get your very own!

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