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Best Guaranteed Weight Loss

Best Guaranteed Weight Loss

Are you ready to be back in shape? Do you want to do it without strict diet plan and going gym seven days a week? Well, it is possible and you can successfully achieve the goals if you are motivated. Best guaranteed weight loss plans sell like hot dogs but do you if it is going to work for you as well?

Weight increase is not merely a result of overeating. It can be a side effect of a medicine you used last month or it may be due to some hormonal problem. I would suggest seeing a physician and undergoing important medical tests to figure out the reason. You might get some important information regarding your weight increase.

Once you get to know the reason, you can work upon the solutions towards weight loss. There are lots of misconceptions about diet, exercise and obese people keep on avoiding both of these. They are not a hard thing to do if you consult a right person. Life is[ to live, not to diet but when you see that weight increase is becoming a risk to healthy life, and then you must stop eating white foods like rice, milk bread and sugar. You can switch to wholegrain bread, fruits, cereals and protein rich diet.

Fruits are your friend. Some people think that they are just like any other sweet, but they are wrong. Fruits make you feel full and are high in fiber and water content. Berry family includes strawberry, blueberry and raspberry while grapefruits, papaya, watermelon, melon and peach are guaranteed weight loss. Green leafy vegetables are very helpful as they are full of nutrition and reduce fat.

One of the most vital things to say no to is carbonated drinks or juices. Instead, replace them with fresh juices. Drink plenty of plain water that will flush the wastes of your body quickly and you will get rid of the toxins. Also take small portions while eating. Keep the size of your plates; bowls, mugs and glasses small so that you know how much do you eat. This apparently simple tip works wonders and you will be amazed to see the results.

Green tea also helps to shed off some pounds. You can have a variety of flavors by adding lemon, green cardamom or honey. It will not only refresh and helps in digestion but also helps control the cholesterol level. Add low-fat foods to your diet like quit eating cheese and mayonnaise. You can try hummus or salsa to your sandwich. Take protein rich diet. You can bake it, steam it but do not eat fried one.

Losing weight can be very interesting if you do some activity that you love for half an hour on daily basis. It can be dancing, swimming, skipping a rope, yoga, and aerobics or taking a dog to walk. Playing with your kids in a park or a walk with your friend will not only burn the calories but also relax your nerves. It is not necessary that you work out for hours to get slim.

The above-mentioned simple but best tips can get you back into shape, but you have to be consistent to get your target.

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